Ottawa Restorative Justice Network
Terms of Reference

Mission Statement

The Ottawa Restorative Justice Network will encourage and strengthen the use of restorative justice principles and practices through supportive partnerships.

Terms of Reference

The Ottawa Restorative Justice Network’s goal is to meet its Mission Statement by:

  • Sharing information, expertise and resources with members;
  • Providing an open forum to discuss issues, challenges, barriers and network needs;
  • Working together to develop creative solutions to issues raised;
  • Identifying and encouraging opportunities for partnership and collaboration;
  • Ensuring network sustainability;
  • Highlighting successes.


Membership on the Ottawa Restorative Justice Network is composed of individuals who are involved, interested or invested in Restorative Justice.

Membership carries an annual $20 fee. Requests for new membership are brought through and by the Chair for review at the next full meeting.


The Collaborative Justice Program will chair the Ottawa Restorative Justice Network. The duties of the Chair will include:

  • Setting agenda, calling meetings;
  • Ensuring meetings start/end on time;
  • Ensuring equitable distribution of speaking time during meetings;
  • Representing the official point of contact for the Ottawa Restorative Justice Network.

Administrative Duties

The Collaborative Justice Program or a designate will be responsible for the taking and distribution of meeting minutes, and for the dissemination of the agenda/other information.

Format of Meetings

The Ottawa Restorative Justice Network will meet on a monthly basis, the second Wednesday of every month. The time and location will be determined before each meeting and will be sent out with the draft agenda.

  • Standing items on agenda:
  • Acceptance of agenda
  • Review and approval of previous minutes
  • Business arising from the minutes
  • New business
  • Updates
  • Next meeting


It is expected that members of the Ottawa Restorative Justice Network will attend every meeting; if not possible to attend, an alternate may be designated to attend in their place. Missing two consecutive meetings will result in a review of membership on the Network.

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