Ottawa Restorative Justice Network
Membership List

Collaborative Justice Program

Kimberly Mann
Amber Montgomery

Restorative Justice Division, Correctional Service of Canada

Chantal Morisset
Manon Buck
Carol-Anne Grenier (Past Employee)

Ottawa Catholic School Board

Chuck Daly

The Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution

Catherine Delisle

Church Council on Justice and Corrections

Janet Handy
Anita Grace
Lorraine Berzins
Kathryn Bliss
Schyler Playford

Correctional Service of Canada - Chaplaincy Branch

Cathy Nobleman

Ottawa Victim Services

Steve Sullivan

Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa

Ruth Britto
Tom Scholberg

Community Mediation Ottawa

Jan Michaels

Centre for Conflict Education and Research, Carleton University

Neil Sargent

The Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services

Gloria Savage

Policy Centre for Victim Issues, Department of Justice

Victoria Stillie

Canadian Criminal Justice Association

Tim Stuempel

Ottawa Catholic School Board Intervention Program – Safe Schools

Joe Veryard

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Louis Zuniga

Circles of Support and Accountability Ottawa

Susan Love
Kristin Reimer
Adina Ilea

Prison Alpha Canada

Dave Atkins

Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre

Carl Wake

National Associations Active in Criminal Justice

Susan Haines

Carleton University Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Danette Nearing-Guibord

University of Ottawa - Faculty of Education

Kristin Reimer

Ottawa Carleton District School Board

Henrike Sanne
Matthew Gagnier

Aboriginal Alternative Justice - Odawa

Alma Norman
Marc Marsolais

Lanark County Community Justice Program

Brian Peters
Joellen McHard
Sheri Halladay


Restorative Justice Advocates

Dick Hudson
Donna McFaul
Ellie Wilkinson (Training on Restorative Justice in Quebec Region)
Marie-Claude Bourgeois
Melissa Ushtchenko
Michael McIntyre
Robin MacDonald
Susan Lefebvre
Suzanne Johnson
Trudy Evans

Killaloe Restorative Justice Program

Genevieve Jones

Individual Members

Stephanie Dugdale
Maria B. Hennessey
Bonnie McCutcheon
Dorothy Penney

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